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With years of experience in real estate litigation, Mandel Bhandari knows how to win real estate cases. We don’t do closings or transactions—only litigation. We have achieved a long record of victory and public settlements against some of the biggest names in New York real estate, including a public settlement of fraud and deceptive trade practices claims against the developer of a 299-unit luxury condo building in Downtown Brooklyn; an appellate victory against the developer of the most expensive condo ever sold in lower Manhattan; the dismissal of a foreclosure action involving a seven-figure mortgage in upstate New York; and a landmark appellate victory against the architect of record of a luxury condo who was accused of common law fraud.

We represent individuals, condo and co-op boards, and businesses in a wide variety of real estate disputes. And—as with all our cases—Mandel Bhandari levels the playing field between those with deep pockets and those with great claims by routinely handling cases on a contingency fee and blended fee basis.

Individuals and Businesses

Whether you are buying your first apartment, or managing a portfolio of properties, the real estate market in New York can be exciting, but it can also be harrowing. While the vast majority of real estate professionals—from architects, to developers, to contractors, to brokers—are ethical, honest, and honorable, some of them will try to play games. People misrepresent critical information such as the size or condition of an apartment or office, or fail to live up to their contractual obligations. In those cases, Mandel Bhandari can help.

Many cases can be resolved through skillful negotiation. For example, in one case involving the delayed closing of a new construction condo in Long Island City, Mandel Bhandari negotiated a significant discount without filing suit. In another case involving a new apartment in Harlem, we negotiated a significant discount after an appraisal fell short of the signed contract price.

But in cases that can’t be resolved through negotiation, we do not hesitate to sue. Often, real estate professionals hope that their deep pockets and willingness to drag out litigation will dissuade individual investors from enforcing their rights. But Mandel Bhandari’s contingency fee and blended fee billing structures level the playing field and let individuals go toe-to-toe against the most malicious developers and the biggest law firms.

Condo and Co-op Boards

Boards have to contend with everything from construction defects, to Local Law 11 issues, to delinquent common charges, to foreclosures—and much, much more. Most such issues can and should be resolved directly by the boards. But if that fails, Mandel Bhandari can help.

Our attorneys have advised the boards of some of the biggest condo developments in Downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. And when negotiations and letter-writing aren’t enough, we know how to steer cases to mediation or, if necessary, to court.

Our willingness to try cases to a verdict, and to represent buildings on a contingency fee or blended fee basis, puts opposing parties on notice that Mandel Bhandari’s clients cannot be intimidated or outgunned.

Representative matters include:

Hedge Fund
Represented a multi-billion dollar hedge fund in connection with the foreclosure of a $700/night beach-front hotel in the Caribbean. The hotel owners filed suit in New York and Antigua to enjoin the foreclosure. Both owners’ suits were dismissed and the hotel was recovered by the hedge fund.

Pre-Construction Condo Purchaser
Advised a buyer in connection with rescinding the contract for a pre-construction condo in Long Island City because of misrepresentations related to the date of closings. The developer offered a significant discount on the condo prior to mediation with the Attorney General’s office.

Condominium Sponsor
Defended condominium sponsor in connection with claims regarding defective construction and maintenance of the building.

Owner of Extremely High End Cooperative
Prosecuted breach of contract claim on behalf of an owner of a $20 million cooperative arising out of a contract that permitted a television network to film in the apartment. The television network caused extensive damage to the apartment. Successfully resolved the claim; the settlement fully compensated the owner for the costs of repairing the apartment and also compensated the owner for his loss of use of the apartment while the apartment was being repaired.

Pre-Construction Condo Purchaser
Filed a lawsuit against the developer of 110 Livingston for misrepresenting the room dimensions of pre-construction condos. The action prompted the Attorney General to mandate that the developer amend the Offering Plan and allow all potential buyers the opportunity to rescind contracts signed prior to the completion of the building.

Stuyvesant Town
Represented a couple being evicted from Stuyvesant Town because their rent-stabilized apartment was allegedly not their primary residence. The management company halted the eviction action and offered the couple a cash settlement.

Prosecuted homeowner’s adverse possession claims against new neighbors who began using land that our client had used for decades. Successfully settled the matter after defeating defendants’ summary judgment motion.

High-End Architect
Prosecuted high-end architect’s copyright infringement and breach of contract claims against a former client. A favorable settlement was obtained shortly before trial.