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The firm handles business disputes in the same manner it handles all cases: developing a trial strategy on day one, aggressively preparing for trial, avoiding substantive and procedural issues that are unlikely to affect the outcome, and using a results-based compensation structure to align our interests with those of our clients.

Our attorneys have experience representing every size of business, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have handled disputes that range in size from half-a-million dollars to billions of dollars. We have prosecuted and defended claims for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression, unfair competition, antitrust violations, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, and copyright, trademark, and patent infringement. Although each case is different, we have found that our approach to litigation works irrespective of the size of the case, the size of the client, or the nature of the claim.

Click below for some of our representative matters.


Private Equity Company
Represented a $5 billion private equity firm in a lawsuit against another top tier private equity firm regarding the acquisition of one of the country’s biggest temporary staffing agencies. Within days of a court-ordered mediation, the private equity firm was offered a very favorable settlement.

Hollywood Entertainment Agency
Represented one of the top four Hollywood talent agencies in a lawsuit against prominent international insurance company stemming from a bad faith refusal to pay a claim. Shortly after court-ordered mediation, the claim settled for over $2 million.

Private Equity Firm
Represented private equity firm in lawsuit alleging that the private equity firm owed over $1 million in consulting fees for services provided to a portfolio company. The case against the private equity firm was dismissed on summary judgment.

Prosecuted lender’s claims against borrower. Successfully resolved the claim.

Investment Bank
Prosecuted investment bank’s claims against former client arising out of the former client’s refusal to pay contractually-specified fees despite the fact that the transaction specified in the contract was successfully consummated. Obtained six-figure settlement.

Financial Services Company
Defended a major insurer of bonds and other securities against a seven-figure claim alleging that the insurer failed to fulfill its obligations under a credit default swap. All claims against the insurer were denied at trial.

Industrial Company
Defended a company against a seven-figure claim that it had breached a preliminary agreement to sell trade claims. All claims were denied at trial.

International Law Firm
Defended a law firm against nine-figure damages claims that it had committed legal malpractice while representing a debtor in a major bankruptcy action.

Global Law Firm
Defended a law firm against eight-figure legal malpractice action alleging the firm had committed malpractice while providing trusts and estate advice.

Consumer Products Company
Represented major consumer products company in connection with third-party discovery being sought by a former employee of an affiliated company. Successfully prevented the employee from obtaining sensitive material.

Building Engineer
Represented engineer in connection with antitrust and false advertising claims against competing provider of building efficiency services.

Pension Fund
Prosecuted interpleader claim on behalf of billion-dollar pension fund arising out of dispute between the heirs to one of the pension plan’s members. Obtained all of the interpleader relief sought.

Media Company
Prosecuted media company’s breach of contract claims against former customer. Obtained summary judgment, and convinced an appellate court to affirm the judgment. Collected 100% of the money sought by the media company.


Hedge Fund Manager
Represented a hedge fund manager in a dispute over a significant ownership stake in the hedge fund. Within one week of our adversary’s deposition, the adversary declared bankruptcy and abandoned her counterclaims.

Technology Company
Prosecuted breach of contract and related claims on behalf of foreign consulting firm against joint venturer who failed to pay royalties for software developed by the joint venture. Successfully resolved claims.

Apparel Industry Shareholder
Prosecuted apparel industry shareholder’s breach of fiduciary duty claims against controlling shareholder who looted the company and refused to distribute dividends. Also defended the shareholder against unfair competition and related claims. Successfully resolved the claim.

Private Sports Club
Prosecuted shareholder derivative and securities fraud claims against controlling shareholder and president of private country club. After the bulk of our clients’ evidence was presented at trial, the controlling shareholder agreed to re-pay virtually all of the money sought by the minority shareholders.

Media Company
Prosecuted and defended shareholder derivative claims on behalf of media company that participated in joint venture with another media company. All claims were settled on favorable terms.

Foreign University
Advised foreign university in connection with putative breach of contract claims arising out of joint venture with software developer.

Technology Company Investor
Prosecuted seven-figure breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and fraudulent conveyance claims against technology company and its officers and directors.


Pharmaceutical Company
Prosecuted major pharmaceutical company’s price-fixing claim against airlines and other providers of air freight shipping services.

Defended borrower against seven-figure claims arising out of a debt. Prosecuted the borrower’s usury and related claims.

Represented a major bank in a billion-dollar antitrust action alleging that it had conspired with other issuers of Visa and MasterCard cards to boycott American Express cards. The case was settled on terms that were favorable to the bank.

Business Publishing Company
Represented one of the largest business-to-business media companies in the United States in a nine-figure lawsuit filed pursuant to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Music Label
Represented a major music label in antitrust and tort action alleging that the label had unlawfully provided incentives to disc jockeys to play music produced by the label. The case was settled on terms favorable to the music label.

Represented a major bank in a billion-dollar class action alleging that the bank had conspired to fix the prices charged to merchants for MasterCard and Visa card fees.

Media Company
Prosecuted antitrust and unfair competition claims arising out conspiracy between a municipality and a competitor to monopolize the market.


Furniture Designer and Manufacturer
Prosecuted trademark infringement claims against companies manufacturing knockoff furniture designs. A favorable settlement was reached.

Consumer Products Company
Defended a consumer products company against patent infringement claims. All claims were denied and the client was awarded attorneys’ fees.

Furniture Designer and Manufacturer
Defended declaratory judgment action asserting that high-end furniture designer had no copyright interest in a number of well-known furniture designs. All claims were dismissed.

Prosecuted writer’s unfair competition and breach of contract claims against actor who created a film that was based upon the writer’s play. Obtained a preliminary injunction against the actor, producer, and distributor of the film. Convinced a federal court to hold the actor, producer, and distributor in contempt when they violated the injunction. The action was ultimately settled on favorable terms, and the writer now receives the film credits to which she was always entitled.

Consulting Firm
Prosecuted breach of contract and intellectual property claims against consulting firm’s former client. The former client had agreed to restrictions on its use of the consulting firm’s work product but ultimately became unwilling to abide by the restrictions. The matter was successfully resolved.

Apparel Company
Defended apparel company against trademark infringement claims brought by a major fashion label known for hyper-aggressively pursuing trademark infringement claims. Successfully resolved the matter in such a manner that involved our client making a low four-figure payment.